Alexandra Range Lookout: 6 Instagram Photos To Take

The Alexandra Range Lookout is pretty much what you need in your Instagram feed. With sweeping views of vibrant green rainforest leading out to the white-sand fringed twirl of the Daintree River mouth, this lookout is the creme-de-la-creme of ‘gram backdrops.


Whether you’re visiting the Alexandra Range Lookout or looking for inspo for your Australia trip, here’s 6 Instagram photos you NEED to take at this dreamy lookout.


1. The Plain & Simple

alexandra range lookout tropical north queensland

**Insert hallelujah chorus here** What you are looking at ladies and gents is just a raw photo of Mother Nature in all of her glory. Oodles of bright blues and dreamy greens make this lookout a fantastic Instagram shot all on it’s own.


Top tip: shoot above the fence line for a photo that literally looks like you are lost in paradise.


2. The Adorable Couple Shot

Photo by @amilliontravels

If this photo isn’t #CoupleTravelGoals then we aren’t guide sure what is. Travel bloggers Ambra and Edoardo from @amilliontravels have nailed this couples shot. It’s dreamy, in the moment and gives their followers a little glance into exactly what they saw and where they saw it from.


Raise your hand if you would like to insert yourself into this photo. Thought so.


3. The Drone

drone shot of alexandra range lookout

Please note: We hate to be a nervous Pervis, but drone operation must follow strict rules and regulations or operator must hold a drone pilot license. See more here.


If you do have a drone license, do yourself a favour and take it for a spin off the Alexandra Range Lookout. We can bet our bottom dollar that you won’t be disappointed with the results.


4. The Not-so-Candid

From the candid, to the totally posed and polished, there’s an Alexandra Range Lookout shot for every type of Instagram. This shot is so pineappley-perfectly-posed that it gives off all the stylish tropical vibes.


Top tip: there’s a car park right next to the lookout so feel free to the bring props that you need to bring your photo to life. Our Jungle guides won’t mind if you bring the odd pineapple on the bus!


5. The Gaze

There’s something so dreamy about photos that capture someone truly lost in the surrounding natural environment. Look out towards the gorgeous view and get someone to snap you gazing at that magnificent view.


6. The Prop

cassowary toy and pineapple in front of Alexandra Range lookout

Bring the view to life with the addition of a simple prop that sums up the stunning, tropical Daintree region. Plus, the puns that this stuffed cassowary toy gives are endless. Just think of the captions…


Ready to visit Alexandra Range Lookout and get those perfect Instagram shots? Book a Daintree & Cape Trib tour today.

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