Cape Tribulation Beaches: A Guide

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Cape Tribulation Beaches are pretty much the dictionary definition of paradise.

With epic palm-fringe coastlines stretching north from the Daintree River to past Cape Tribulation Village, there’s a spot of pristine private sand with your name on it!

From where the rainforest meets the reef, to almost private beaches for the ultimate “Castaway” moment, here’s a guide to Cape Tribulation Beaches.


Cape Tribulation Beach

cape tribulation beach with jungle tours

Cape Tribulation Beach is literally the place where the rainforest meets the reef! At low tide, you can spot fringing coral almost kissing the sand on the beach, whilst you can look back in land and see the lush trees of the ancient Daintree rainforest.

Alongside this, a backdrop of mountains and a mangrove-dotted cape make this beach ultimately picture perfect.

On an overnight Daintree tour, we recommend having a breakfast picnic on the beach. We can almost guarantee that you will have a lot of the beach to yourself!

Take a short walk to the Kulki Boardwalk lookout and be treated with an elevated view of the mountains and over Cape Tribulation Beach.

How to get there:

The beach can easily be accessed by a car park at Kulki. Enjoy a drink or lunch at Cape Tribulation beach house and walk directly onto the beach from the resort. Alternatively,


Myall Beach

myall beach cape tribulation

Myall Beach is the turquoise oceans and pristine sands that dreams are made of!

At the south end of Myall Beach is a mangrove-lined creek called Masons Creek. A walking trail from here will take you to Masons Store and Swimming Hole. Make sure you are croc aware though!

To make your trip truly special stay on a Daintree overnight tour and horse ride along the beach.

How to get there:  If you are staying at PK’s Jungle Village, walk through the resort and straight onto Myall Beach. We recommend the Dubuji Boardwalk, a stunning 1.8km rainforest boardwalk through the forest and mangroves to reach Myall Beach.


Emmagen Beach

emmagen beach cape tribulation
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Emmagen Beach is one of the lesser-known of the Cape Tribulation beaches, and that’s what makes it all the more special!

This white-sand cove is dotted with shells and driftwood, which makes it a great place to go beach combing.

How to get there: Follow a dirt road for five kilometres north of Cape Tribulation. Look out for a large fig tree on the right hand side of the road. From here, follow a short path to reach Emmagen Beach.


Noah Beach

noah beach cape tribulation
Photo by @phlipvids (Instagram)

Noah beach is located about five minutes south of Cape Tribulation. This beach is split into North and South sections and is separated by a creek (which inhabits crocs!)

This secluded beach is also home to an abundance of nature, including orange-footed scrub fowls, lace monitors and northern brown bandicoots.

How to get there: Beach can be accessed via the road for the Noah Beach campground

Thornton Beach

thorton beach daintree cape tribulation
Photo by Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Thornton Beach is undeniably one of the most beautiful beaches in the Daintree and Cape Tribulation area.

Wide, white sand beaches and views of Struck Rock island make this beach a must-visit.

How to get there: Thornton Beach is one of the most easily-accessible beaches and can be reached from beach-side car parks between Cow Bay and Cape Tribulation.


Cow Bay

Photo via Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Cow Bay is an isolated beach north of the Daintree Ferry.

Visit here for an abundance of Palm trees dotted with rope swings and endless blue seas against the backdrop of the Alexandra Range.

How to get there: After crossing the Daintree River, drive along Cape Tribulatiob Rd for 10,9km. Turn right onto Buchanan Creek Rd and drive a further 5.1km to reach the beach car park.

Don’t have your own transport, book onto our Go Wild Day Tour for a Daintree and Cape Tribulation Day Tour with beaches, rainforest, wildlife and more!

Ready to explore Cape Tribulation’s beaches? Book onto an overnight Cape Tribulation Tour for plenty of time to explore!

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