Cape Tribulation Cassowary

Cape Tribulation Cassowary

One of the more iconic animals to the Cape Tribulation area is the cassowary. The recent weather we have been experiencing has increased the activity of this animal around the Cape Tribulation area. In fact, some of our guests have been lucky enough to get up close and personal with one of them on their tour. Take a look at this remarkable video our guide James took whilst he was guiding one of his tour groups

Although it cannot fly, the cassowary is actually Australia’s heaviest bird. The cassowary is actually an amazing gardener too! Consuming enormous amounts of fruit each day, the cassowary spreads hundreds of seeds from the fruit it eats, across the rainforest floor. Between the seeds and the dung acting as fertiliser, the fruit seeds start to grow. This often explains why you may see fruit trees in random areas of the rainforest by themselves.

Although these animals may look like they want a pat, some of the wild cassowaries may have never interacted with humans before and may become startled. Observing and taking photos from a safe distance is best when in the wild, however if you want to get even closer, one of our sister companies Rainforestation Nature Park and Wildlife Habitat have some in captivity.

Unfortunately there are a number of factors threatening the cassowary survival. The major threats include the loss, fragmentation and modification of their habitat, vehicle strikes, dog attacks, human interactions, pig, disease and natural catastrophic events. When their habitats are destroyed or when these animals go looking for food and clean water, they sometimes stumble across a public road. Having dark feathers, the cassowary blends in with its darker surroundings and is unnoticeable to drivers. This is why it’s important that when you are driving through rainforests they you are driving slower and are cautious of your surroundings.

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These remarkable creatures are iconic to our rainforests, and it is an amazing experience interacting with one. Come join us on a Daintree tour and let us guide you through the rainforests and hopefully spot a cassowary!

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