Cape Tribulation Swimming Holes You Need To Visit

Cape Tribulation Swimming holes are a must-visit for every wannabe mermaid. Set deep in the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest under the dense canopy, these swimming spots look like they have been taken straight out of a Jungle Book dream.

Today we round up the Cape Tribulation swimming holes you need to visit!

Don’t worry… you won’t find crocs in these spots!

Emmagen Creek

cape tribulation swimming hole emmangen creek
Photo: @hi_its_amandap (Instagram)

If turquoise water, giant trees and a few resident turtles float your boat, we recommend Emmagen Creek.

This stunning series of deep pools can be reached by a path on the Southern side of the Creek crossing. Emmagen Creek is around an hour and a half walk from Cape Tribulation Village, or just a 12 minute drive.

Please note: do not swim in the creek over the crossing as crocodiles have been spotted in this lower end of the creek. However, the deep pools at the end of the walking track are safe and crocodile free.

Mason’s Swimming Hole

cape tribulation swimming holes masons swimming hole
Photo: Tourism & Events Queensland

Mason’s swimming hole has swings, clear water and is just a 30 second walk from Masons Cafe, which serves yummy lunches. This swimming hole is completely crocodile free, although they do have crocodiles in their burgers! Are you game enough to try it?

Masons Cafe and swimming hole are located just a 20 minute stroll from Cape Tribulation village.

Ready to check out these Cape Tribulation swimming holes? Book an overnight Cape Tribulation tour and have free time to explore the hidden gems of the Daintree!

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