Daintree Rainforest Wildlife Habitat

The Southern Cassowary is a key stone species to the ongoing regeneration of the Daintree Rainforest. World Cassowary Day on Saturday 26th September 2015, is recognised as an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of this unique bird.

Australia’s leading wildlife experience, Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas, will be celebrating World Cassowary Day in style; with a 20th birthday party for Airlie, their male resident Southern Cassowary.

The Southern Cassowary is one of the most well known Australian bird species. Often referred to as the most dangerous bird in the world! It is listed as endangered on the EPBC Threatened Species list.

Southern Cassowary
Wildlife Habitat resident male southern cassowary – Airlie

Our Jungle Tours & Trekking adventurers will be able to take part in the festivities during the 9:30am Rainforest Feeding Tour when the birthday celebrations will include a special birthday cake for Airlie.

Wildlife Habitat Manager Clare Anderson said that the birthday celebrations for Airlie went hand-in hand with World Cassowary Day. “With cassowaries hitting the headlines of late, it’s wonderful to be able to create awareness of a positive nature for this iconic species,” she said. “Being able to guarantee sightings of this endangered bird at our park, and impart knowledge to our guests about its conservation, is one of the many benefits in working with such a species.”

By celebrating World Cassowary Day, Wildlife Habitat aims to increase knowledge and share information about the cassowary’s life history, conservation status and pathways to survival.

If you want to assist conserving this species ensure your friends and family keep their dogs on a lead or enclosed, drive safely and carefully in cassowary country, NEVER feed wild cassowaries and plant native food trees if you live in their habitat.

Being cassoWARY when visiting North Queensland is imperative, with major habitat fragmentation cassowaries are often seen on or close to roads.

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