Jungle Surfing Tour: The Best Way To See The Daintree!

jungle surfing tour zip lining over rainforest

A Jungle Surfing tour is the ultimate way to see the Daintree Rainforest.

Cape Tribulation is home to many wonders; ranging from where two World Heritage sites meet, to the astonishing walking tracks available. However, the most remarkable of them all is the award-winning Jungle Surfing experience.

This opportunity is located at the heart of the Daintree, where all levels of the rainforest is at your doorstep.

This exhilarating and daring adventure calls out for all our thrill seekers who wish to zip through the ancient and breathtaking Daintree Rainforest. Your eyes will be frozen in awe from the every angled-view of this living phenomenon. Local wildlife can be even spotted by our eagle-eyed participants whilst you soar over thousand year old trees.

Want to learn more behind the history of the forest? Jungle Tours has you covered with a fully-guided educated experience. Worried that the weather will make the experience slippery and wet? Not to worry, as this is an all-weather activity, and side note: I’ve heard it’s even better in the rain!

Jungle surfing is for everybody! Those there for the thrill ranging from those who simply want to capture the moment of the breathtaking views – what speed do you want to go? The choice is yours!

ziplining over daintree rainforest jungle surfing tour

So why should you do a Jungle Surfing tour?

  1. It’s an award-winning experience
  2. You get to venture into one of the oldest tropical rainforest on Earth
  3. The sightseeing of the ecosystem is considered to be the world’s most complex
  4. The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest are both UNESCO (World Heritage Sites) and are the only UNESCO sites in the world that meet
  5. It’s an easy and exciting way to see the Daintree in a thrilling or relaxing way and has superb views of the canopy at every angle

And it doesn’t have to end there…with Jungle Tours’ Go Jungle Surfing Day Tour you can experience a whole day full of adventure and fun, as well as it being fully arranged and organised – transport, lunch and an itinerary. You can take a breath of relief now!

Book now – The adventure awaits!

Thanks to our work experience student Taylah for this awesome blog post!

To all our wonderful passengers, visitors, supporters, and followers past and future, we are required to follow government regulations and stop operation until further notice due to COVID-19. The animals at the CaPTA Group's parks will continue to be cared for during this time by our wonderful wildlife staff. It is sad to have to write this after over 39 years of operation, however we will get through this together and look forward to reopening and welcoming you all back in when possible. We will keep you posted, please be patient as we work through this.

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