My Jungle Tours Adventure

Grace's Jungle Tours Adventure at Cape Tribulation Beach

Recently, our Sales Media coordinator headed north for a Jungle Tours Adventure. She shares her experience with us in this weeks blog.


Grace’s Jungle Tours Adventure

I began my Jungle Tours adventure with a pick up from my friendly tour guide for the day – George. It was great to have a small tour group size for the day compared to other big tour group companies.   We began our adventure by driving to Port Douglas. The coastal Great Barrier Reef Drive is beautiful – the sun was shining & the ocean was a beautiful clear blue.

Wildlife Habitat Rainforest
Wildlife Habitat Rainforest exhibit


We arrived at our first stop of the day – Wildlife Habitat.  It was good to get out for some sunshine, stretch our legs and begin exploring!  Upon entering the Wildlife Habitat I walked across one the four habitats – the Savannah Habitat. Here there were a wide range of native Australian birds roaming freely. We then made our way through the park to the restaurant area where we were debriefed on the activities we could participate in whilst we were in the park.  I decided to go with the koala presentation to learn more about this/our iconic Australian animal. After this, I went and explored the park. I took my time walking through all of the habitat areas – Rainforest, Wetlands and Grasslands.


I stopped to take photos of many animals including my favourite – emus!

Wildlife Habitat Emus
Wildlife Habitat Emus


I then made my way back to the restaurant area where I had some morning tea to refuel my energy before hitting the road again.


My guide George was filled with so much knowledge about the local region.  On our drive to Cape Tribulation, he was told us about all these Indigenous folklore tales specific to each area. I was overwhelmed by how much he knew, but felt so fortunate to be able to listen to him.


We had to use the Daintree Cable Ferry service to cross the croc infested waters into Cape Tribulation. It was then about another hour and a half drive before we arrived at Cape Tribulation itself.


As soon as we arrived at Cape Trib Beach House we had our lunches waiting for us. After lunch, the rest of the group quickly explored the beach before heading back to Cairns.


I, however was staying overnight for the next 2 days and had to check in and get ready for my next activity – Paddle Trek Kayaking!

Exploring mangroves on secluded beaches with Paddle Trek kayak Adventures
Exploring mangroves on secluded beaches with Paddle Trek kayak Adventures

I was booked on the sunset paddle tour. This was the first time I had ever been kayaking! My guide was very helpful, and I eventually got the hang of things. Halfway through, we stopped near the beach and mangrove area for afternoon tea. Afterwards we paddled around the mountain area before heading back to Cape Trib Beach House.

Cape Trib Beach House
The view out my cabin door, Cape Tribulation beach is just beyond the trees

The next day I woke up early to get ready for my Ocean Safari trip. I could feel my anticipation building up as this has been one of my all-time dreams – to swim with turtles! I got picked up from the Cape Trib Beach House and then changed into my wetsuit. It was a short walk along a rainforest boardwalk before we made it to the beach. You travel on a fast boat with a small group of people and get to visit 2 parts of the Great Barrier Reef – Mackay and Undine. I had such an amazing morning snorkeling in the ocean among beautiful coral, fishes and turtles!

Turtle spotting with Ocean Safari
Turtle spotting with Ocean Safari

I came back to my accommodation at Cape Trib Beach House went and had a shower & got some delicious lunch before getting ready for my next afternoon activity.

I could not wait to go Jungle Surfing – I absolutely love heights & experiencing that adrenaline rush! It is only a short walk through the rainforest before reaching the course. First you begin on the ‘Hamster Wheel’ before zip-lining across 6 platforms. Each platform you get to see and do something different like go in pairs, super-fast or upside down!

No Jungle Adventure is complete without Jungle Surfing
No Jungle Adventure is complete without Jungle Surfing

Each night I went to the Cape Trib Beach House Tides Bar & Restaurant to have dinner. The menu itself has a good range of local produce. If you’re staying there overnight, be sure to check it out!

On the third and final day of my trip, I was booked on my last activity – horse riding. I had never done this before and was not sure what to expect… but I had an awesome time! We were given a brief rundown of what we needed to do to prepare us for riding a horse. Then a horse was chosen for us based on our prior riding experience. After this, we got to ride through grassland areas, gallop through the rainforest and then make our way onto the beach. It is a pretty special feeling when you know that you have ridden through 2 world heritage areas – the rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.

I went back to Cape Trib Beach House Tides Bar & Restaurant where I went to meet my Jungle Tours guide.  And how lucky was I to have George back on as my tour guide!


Rainforest walk with guide George on Marrdja Boardwalk
Rainforest walk with guide George on the Marrdja Boardwalk

After everyone finished their lunch, we then drove to Marrdja Boardwalk.  This was a nice and easy rainforest walk and George provided our tour group with lots of interesting information on different types of plant species. After our walk, we stopped at Floravilla Ice Cream Factory. All of the ice-cream here is made locally with a wide range of flavours to choose from.  After this, George then drove to Alexandra Lookout where we admired the view.

As we continued to drive back to Cairns, I could not believe our luck! We were stopped by a cassowary and its baby chick crossing the road! I noticed there were signs on the road warning drivers to be aware of cassowaries, but never did I think we would actually get to see one!

SPOTTED! A Southern Cassowary crossing the road
SPOTTED! A Southern Cassowary crossing the road

We had one last stop off at the Port Douglas lookout. We then had a nice, long and relaxing drive back to Cairns.

Heart of Cape Tribulation Beach
Heart of Cape Tribulation Beach

Overall I had an awesome time in Cape Tribulation. I would highly recommend this overnight tour option to anyone who is visiting the region.

Photos and story contributed by Grace Laifoo


We hoped you enjoyed reading about Grace’s Jungle Tours Adventures, join us on your own Jungle Tours Adventure and escape Winter in the tropics!

See you soon in the Rainforest!

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