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Australian Backpacker Bucket List: The East Coast Experiences You Can’t Miss

Australian Backpacker Bucket List: The East Coast Experiences You Can’t Miss This Australian backpacker bucket list is pretty much the Kama Sutra of the East Coast from Cairns to Sydney. Yep: we promise. From Jurassic-Park-style jungle, to crisp white beaches and cosmopolitan cities, the East Coast of Australia offers a smorgasbord of experiences.  Whether you’re […]


Cape Tribulation Cassowary

Cape Tribulation Cassowary One of the more iconic animals to the Cape Tribulation area is the cassowary. The recent weather we have been experiencing has increased the activity of this animal around the Cape Tribulation area. In fact, some of our guests have been lucky enough to get up close and personal with one of […]

Ella The Kangaroo at Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat Tour

During both the day and overnight tours with Jungle Tours, you will have the chance to stop and spend time at the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas. This will include a guided tour around the park and opportunities to watch animals in their habitats and interact with them.   Upon arrival you have the chance to […]

Grace's Jungle Tours Adventure at Cape Tribulation Beach
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My Jungle Tours Adventure

Recently, our Sales Media coordinator headed north for a Jungle Tours Adventure. She shares her experience with us in this weeks blog.   Grace’s Jungle Tours Adventure I began my Jungle Tours adventure with a pick up from my friendly tour guide for the day – George. It was great to have a small tour group […]