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The Daintree is the oldest living rainforest on the entire planet! Estimated to be a whopping 180 million years old, this World Heritage area is an abundance of ancient plants and Jurassic-style animals to match.

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Why Wet Season In The Daintree Rainforest Is Magical

wet season in the daintree rainforest jungle tours

When it comes to wet season in the Daintree Rainforest, Mother Nature really does put on a show! From standing under the shelter of umbrella palms during a dramatic downpour, to cooling off in deep rainforest pools, here’s why the Wet Season in the Daintree Rainforest is magical.   It Becomes The Emerald City During […]

Animals In The Daintree: The Weird & The Wonderful

boyds forest dragon daintree rainforest

Animals in the Daintree are enough to impress even the most avid nature spotter! This unique rainforest ecosystem is home to 430 bird species, 12,000 insect species and 30% of Australia’s reptile, frog and marsupial species. As a matter of fact, the Daintree Rainforest has the largest concentration of rare and threatened animal species in […]

Is A Cassowary A Dinosaur?

We answer the age-old question: “Is A Cassowary A Dinosaur?” Like many things in the Daintree, the Southern Cassowary looks straight out of the pre-historic times. Without further adieu, it’s time for the Jungle Tours addition of Myth Busters: “Is A Cassowary A Dinosaur?” ♫  Dinosaur bird, dinosaur bird.. does whatever a dinosaur bird does. ♫ […]

Alexandra Range Lookout: 6 Instagram Photos To Take

The Alexandra Range Lookout is pretty much what you need in your Instagram feed. With sweeping views of vibrant green rainforest leading out to the white-sand fringed twirl of the Daintree River mouth, this lookout is the creme-de-la-creme of ‘gram backdrops.   Whether you’re visiting the Alexandra Range Lookout or looking for inspo for your […]

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