View of the rain clouds coming down the range into Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation rainfall

The average yearly Cape Tribulation rainfall is 3,900mm, but trust us when we say, the rain doesn’t ruin your experience – you are in the RAIN-forest after all and the rainforest cannot survive without rain!   The majority of the 3,9000mm of rain falls in February to March, when there is a tropical low. Torrential […]

termite nests
Tour Diary

Termite Nests in the rainforest

Termite nests are considered to be composed of two parts – the inanimate and the animate. The animate is all of the termites living inside the colony, and the inanimate part is the structure itself, which is constructed by the termites. There are three categories of termite nests. The first is completely below ground, and is known […]