Wildlife Habitat Tour

Ella The Kangaroo at Wildlife Habitat

During both the day and overnight tours with Jungle Tours, you will have the chance to stop and spend time at the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas. This will include a guided tour around the park and opportunities to watch animals in their habitats and interact with them.


Upon arrival you have the chance to join a guided tour. However, if you prefer, you are able to wander around our park by yourself. Whatever you may choose, the 1.5 hours allocated for this park is long enough to visit all our animals! Throughout the day you have the chance to witness multiple animal shows and presentations. These include the spectacular saltwater crocodile, birds and reptiles. In between these shows you have the chance to get your photo taken with our animals! Choose from either our cute and cuddly koalas, snakes or our freshwater crocodiles!


Our wildlife park is home to a large number of different animals which live in different environments. The different areas of the park include the Woodland, Wetlands, Rainforest and Savannah. Our team are dedicated to making sure that each section of our park is as realistic as possible. This is so our animals feel like they are still in the wild. For $2 at the font counter or the cafe, you can purchase roo food for the Wallaby Walk. Once our kangaroos and wallabies are awake, you get the chance to feed and pat these fascinating creatures. During the warmer months, our animals tend to be more active during the morning and late afternoon. This is generally when it is a little cooler. Luckily, our Jungle Tours stop at the Wildlife Habitat during the morning!

Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Whether you are watching one of our shows or undertaking a guided tour, you will hear our keepers talk about conservation. This is because some of the animals we have in our Wildlife park are sparse throughout or region or even Australia wide. Our wildlife carers will inform you on the major threats for certain animals. Unfortunately, a large portion of these are a result from human activity. There are many things we could implement and do in our lives which help our wildlife live and reproduce. If you are wanting any information regarding the Wildlife Habitat or how you can help make our world a better place for our animals, contact or pop in and see us


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